A: Our Leading Indicator programs offer a different perspective on the data. The differences are outlined below:

Leading Indicator Program:

• Identify indicators with a predictability for your business

• Provide a forward view of where your business is going the next 12 month, 24 months, and 26 months

• Understand how the economy impacts your business so you can have confidence in the forward view in your forecasts

• Expert economist understanding relationships, timing, and qualitative trends to account for these in your forecasts

DataCast allows you to:

• See which indicators correlate best to various segments of your business

• See what markets you should consider as areas of opportunities to grow or expand into

• See the current-day status and direction the market is headed, but does not provide foresight for your business

Correlation is very different than predictability. ITR Economics may find an indicator that has a low correlation to a company but has a strong predictability, and ITR may decide to use it in a Leading Indicator program. This is something that a software program cannot do. It takes the expert economist’s trained understanding of relationship and business cycle theory to identify predictability.

If you are interested in learning more about our Leading Indicator programs, please contact us at customercare@itreconomics.com or call 603.796.2500, and someone will be happy to speak with you.